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19:36-- skelton: can s1 tell me why i cant enter in metro/locker server? for some reason cant contact in zloforum, so trying to get answer here.
18:54-- WaNdErEr_ROVER: what mistake do you get?
23:53-- ChriSmoove: can someone help me with something pls?
23:53-- ChriSmoove: anyone there pls?
0:02-- ChriSmoove: (?)
22:07-- mostafa_0017: My friend's account "ABDELBASET" can't connect to Pycckuu CEPBEP-Metro & Locker- every time kicked by punkbuster he can connect to ALL MAPs just fine he doesn't use the chat at all and he is a noob :D and never uses a cheat (and doesn't know how to) so what's wrong here (?)
22:08-- mostafa_0017: he used to connect just fine before
10:25-- onyoky00: me too always got kicked by the server even though i have high ping i played great performance at your server. Please put me in your Whitelist. BF4
10:26-- onyoky00: even though i have high ping i ping i played great performance at your server
10:27-- onyoky00: Please put mew on your whitelist IGN: onyoky00
6:25-- Rauka_Kazakhstan: Здравствуйте!Подскажите как поменять аватар на zloemu?
18:24-- WaNdErEr_ROVER: «link»
14:17-- Levelvsrf: Здравствуйте, мой ник в игре Level, последние 2 дня на сервер ALL maps BF4 не могу зайти пишет при попытке: "соединение потеряно" и так постоянно. Хотя в сервер метро вхожу спокойно. В бан листе посмотрел, меня нет. Подскажите пожалуйста я в каком то кик листе ?
7:39-- WaNdErEr_ROVER: сейчас должно работать
19:12-- algeria-b00m: i have banned for glitch .can you helpe me admin?
18:04-- atmos: who is admin?
19:05-- WaNdErEr_ROVER: Your ban will soon pass
10:46-- atmos: @WaNdErEr_ROVER i still cant join the sv
20:15-- Jackson_01: Добрый день, я хотел знать, как я мог избавиться от банкета вчера, потому что я не знал, что я сделал, было причиной c:
20:23-- Jackson_01: Добрый день, я хотел знать, как мне избавиться от вчерашнего бана, потому что я не знал, что я сделал неправильно.
20:40-- Jackson_01: How long is the ban by glitch?
22:17-- wilsonfilho: Hello everyone, how can I make an application for unban? Sorry if I violated some rule, but I would like to go back to the server, it's the best it has. Thank you.
7:36-- WaNdErEr_ROVER: обычно пишут в тему по разбанам
17:03-- silverlance360: Hello.. I am a regular player at this server.. I am located in India so i get a usual ping of 150 to 250.. And the ping limit is 300..
17:04-- silverlance360: Even for lag spikes lasting a second I get kicked out..
17:05-- silverlance360: There should be atleast a warning before kicking.. Can anything be done? I really love playing on this server..
19:45-- APECTAHT: ERR_DISCONNECT_GAME_KICKEDBYADMIN 0 22 -1 macro [1y1M][ShaurmaNaUglyah][Appeal at ep-team.ru] - дожился на старости лет ))))
19:49-- APECTAHT: Ребята, и так онлайн вечером в БФЗ на ЗЛО - всего 100 человек еле- еле набирается (НА ПОЛТОРА СЕРВЕРА), так вы еще и бананы вешаете :( . Создал тему на разбан, рассмотрите пожалуйста.
16:57-- Cherolz: ребят кикает панкбустер. Читов не было. вот мой guid 2ff37475d6a8eba921beec7f7fb23a36 помогите
1:34-- Richard_forceman: Hola A todos Bro's,
1:34-- Richard_forceman: mmm...:) hola ?
1:34-- Richard_forceman: I hoped they could help me, I wanted to apologize to the people for going up to the third floor, in BF4, Boys / girls, I'm very sorry to have bothered people with that attitude, I hope you know how to understand me, I didn't read the rules of the game, I hope that You can take the ban off, since today there are not many servers like this, and I really appreciate it, I appreciate the effort put into our leisure, I promise to follow the rules and read more, have a good afternoon, see you, good luck and good aim.
1:35-- Richard_forceman: su compañero, in BF4 "Richard_forceman" ;)
20:34-- matheus99: Hello... My brother: lucas556,got banned for glitch and the problem is that we use the same computer to play,so I think I got banned too.There's some way to unban me? I never broke the rules and I will not do the same mistake that he maked.My account is: matheus99.I will apreciate your help
19:17-- Ch1pie: Здравствуйте, мне вчера влепили перманент из-за того, что я бегал с арбалетом, хотя у вас написано "all weapons allowed", следовательно в чем причина моего бана?:_(
18:13-- WaNdErEr_ROVER: причина читер.я ответил в теме

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