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question-circle Application for unban from "Abdelbaset"

5 мес. 8 ч. назад #1308 от mostafa_0017
mostafa_0017 создал эту тему: Application for unban from "Abdelbaset"
Your nickname in the game .:Abdelbaset
The name of the server on which you were bannedPycckuu CEPBEP Metro & locker
The reason for the ban .: Unkown
Indicate the approximate date and time of the ban.:around 4-5/1/2019
Did you get a ban earlier on our servers? If yes, indicate the link to your topic .:No

Your comments.:it's my friend's account he is a noob doesn't know how to cheat and a mediocre player I am posting instead of him because he can't use English forums let alone Russian ones :lol:, we are not sure he is even banned the first time he tries to join he gets a kicked by punkbuster message any other attempts he gets kicked by admin message he can join any other server just fine I tried to post in the chat and Discord but no one was able to help me :(

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4 мес. 4 нед. назад #1309 от WaNdErEr_ROVER
WaNdErEr_ROVER ответил в теме Application for unban from "Abdelbaset"
you do not have a ban on the server.Does he have a black game loading screen?

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