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lock BAn Appeal

2 нед. 6 дн. назад #1660 от cheesus-alive
cheesus-alive создал эту тему: BAn Appeal
Hallo, I got banned on your BF3 Metro Server for Spam, but I just used the Ak-74M.
Especially I got banned after the round not while spraying with my AK or Rex.

Hers my Battlereport:

I got the Information: Verbindung zum Spiel unterbrochen: Du wurdest von einem Admin rausgeworfen. (Grund: spam /read rules/ [1w6d][FIappyjack][Appeal at ep-team.ru] )

I have no idea how I got banned after doing nothing just haveing a real good round after months

I'm asking for unban, im enjoying playing on your server
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2 нед. 6 ч. назад #1661 от Jigsaw1403
Jigsaw1403 ответил в теме BAn Appeal
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