The EP-team team offers several servers to play on the project.

Servers are located in France and Russia..

MOD-BF 4-Only Locker 24/7-

ZLO server

Explore the huge and very detailed battlefields with real destruction, which occur both on their own and by the will of the player. Living characters and surroundings react to every movement, and the quality of the image and sounds is unique...

BF 4 -All MAPs-

ZLO server

Conquer the land, sea and sky with a huge arsenal of technology. Control helicopters, stealth planes, combat boats or anti-aircraft guns - anything that gives you an edge on large-scale, chaotic maps..

BF 3 Metro

Oficial server

Enjoy total freedom and fight the intense battles of Battlefield 3 the way you want. Explore the nine large-scale multiplayer maps, use a rich arsenal of equipment, weapons and devices to increase the heat of battle. Every second of the battle brings you closer to new available items...


ZLO server

Get ready for destruction at full speed. Meet the new guided tanks, ATVs, self-propelled artillery and much more. In addition, here you are waiting for huge battlefields for large-scale engineering battles - including the largest map in the history of Battlefield.


Zlo Server

This map combines urban and rural areas with industrial views. Noushehr channels were created as an industrial port. Here are the infantry, land transport, and boats.


Server statistics Oficial & ZLO

-ZLO (BF4) Locker + ALL Maps-
-BF3) Metro (oficial)-
ZLO Battlefield 3

Discord connect

Discord-free voice and text client. For a quicker response to unusual situations on the servers, and just for communication, we invite you to connect to the Discord channel of Russian servers. There you can always find the administrator of game servers and solve the problem with him


You can always help the server stay afloat.